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ProjectTeam gets a new look

Josh Witmer, Product Manager

ProjectTeam has some very exciting news to share today - we've got a new look!

When ProjectTeam launched back in late 2015, we were one of the first construction project management solutions that was 100% cloud-based. It was just one of many features that made us different than other systems on the market. Back then, our platform was in its infancy stage but we knew we had something that had the potential to change the landscape of the trillion dollar construction industry.

Fast forward to today and ProjectTeam is thriving. Our platform has proven to resonate with so many construction professionals and allows them to maximize efficiencies never before experienced on their projects.

The core of our platform is what sets us apart. The ability to connect with other companies on common projects and then selectively share information without losing ownership of that information saves companies time and money. Information includes forms, files, reports, photos, drawings, schedules, workflows, budgets, and more. In outdated construction applications, one company controls the main system for a project and all outside team members must log into that system. Since those outside team members don't have control of the system, they can be cut off at any point and are therefore forced to manually duplicate all project information. As you can imagine, this costs hundreds of hours on a typical construction project - and time is money! Also, since the control company must pay for their users and outside company users, the cost of those old applications can be enormous.

ProjectTeam solves these issues by giving each company its own distinct access to the system. No one company is ever logging into another companies database just to attempt to collaborate on the project. In ProjectTeam, companies simply connect on projects by sending and accepting project invitations and can share information with each other once successfully connected. Once the project is complete, each company walks away with all data and information that is relevant to them eliminating all need to duplicate project efforts.

Simply put, ProjectTeam's platform is what we're so proud of and we wanted a brand that fits.

So, we set out at the beginning of 2018 with the goal of creating a new logo that was a better reflection of who we are, and where we're headed from here. Our goal was to have a new logo that:

  • Included multiple colors to represent different companies on a project
  • Highlighted information sharing
  • Evoked a sense of moving toward the future
  • Tied back to our original old logo

After exploring hundreds of different ideas and concepts for a new icon, we arrived at a capital letter "P" as a visual mark because we felt users could easily identify "P" for ProjectTeam in various uses of the mark. Next, we explored concepts in that direction staying true to our goals.

After much deliberation with team members, family, friends, or really anybody that would give us input, we felt we were on to something. We loved the icon made up of simple lines and dots. It fit everything we were looking for and it was time to perfect the look and move forward.

ProjectTeam - Workflow Diagram

The final logo has many meanings:

  • "P" for ProjectTeam
  • Colored dots showing different members of a team
  • 3 dots consistent with the 3 periods in our slogan - Connect. Share. Collaborate.
  • If reading the logo from left to right, the 3 dots make a line that is pointing up and forward (toward the future)
  • The primary color (steel blue) and secondary color (yellow) are bold, strong and construction related

ProjectTeam is and will always be about team collaboration. We now have a timeless logo that will help propel us into the future and we're so excited for what that future holds. Starting today, you'll see our new brand and logo incorporated throughout our website, social pages, and of course, in our product.