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Release Notes (1/29/2018)

Josh Witmer, Product Manager

At different times throughout your project, there may be a flood of information that comes to you all at once. Continuing our focus on ease-of-use this year, we've added the ability to import lists of information directly into Whether you have RFIs, Submittals, Drawings or even a custom form you've created, you can now import hundreds of forms into in seconds.

Import Logs

Under the ellipsis button on each form log, you will now see the option for "Batch Import". Clicking this option will take you to a screen that walks you through a three-step process. You will need to download the template we provide, fill it out, and then upload. The template is a CSV (comma separated values) file that will typically open up in Microsoft Excel by default as long as you have it installed on your computer.

Import - Errors

Importing is an "all or nothing" process within This is an attempt to eliminate as many errors as possible within your logs. If you incorrectly fill in your import CSV file and then try to upload, you will get an error summary that should help you find and fix your errors.

Import - Duplicates

We do not have rules to automatically remove duplicates during the import process so make sure you carefully prepare your data before uploading. Since we allow two forms to have the same "Subject" while manually creating forms in, we kept the import process consistent.

Import - Fields

Most of the fields available to add to your forms are eligible to be imported in with the exception of a few complex fields. The non-importable fields include Collections, Reference Collections, Auto Numbers, and Cascading Picklists. All other fields can be imported.

Custom Field Help Text

One of the biggest differentiators between and other systems is the ability to quickly create custom forms and add custom fields to your forms. When adding a custom field, you now have the opportunity to add custom help text. This allows you to create forms and give users helpful instructions on how to fill in the fields.

Upcoming Webinar

Sign up for our upcoming webinar on February 7th, 2018 at 2:00 PM EST. During the presentation, we will be going over many of the new features recently released in and introduce you to the new user interface expected to release at the beginning of May 2018.