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Release Notes (10/23/2018)

Josh Witmer, Product Manager

Budget Items

A new Budget Item form type has been added. The form includes a field to define an account code and a field to set an original budget amount associated with that code. The existing import feature allows you to add all your budget items quickly. Once the original amounts are defined, you can approve each item individually or use the new "bulk approval" feature to approve many at once.

Budget Amendments

In addition to the Budget Item form type, we've also introduced a new Budget Amendment form type. The form allows you to add multiple account codes and amendment amounts which are reflected in the Budget Item. The Budget Amendment form has a field that shows the "Net Change Amount" to help you stay organized as you move money around.

Performance Fixes

Using internal performance tools, we found that users that have thousands of form records in a single log were experiencing longer than expected load times. In this release, we have significantly improved many areas of the system including form logs, form viewing, activity walls, and more.

Quick Add for Custom Picklists

In the past, when creating a new custom picklist, you had to define your picklist options one at a time. Now, you can add many options at once either by copying and pasting from another system (ex. MS Word or Excel) or typing and using each new line as a new option.

Downloading All Item Attachments from Package

We added new functionality to the existing package form types (drawing packages and specification packages). After adding items to a package, you can click a button to download attachments associated with the items included in that package. The item attachments are grouped together in a single zip folder.

Workflow Dashboard On Main Menu

On the top menu bar, we've added a new workflow dashboard link to go along with the action item link. Clicking on the link shows a dashboard consistent with the My Page dashboard. You can see your workflows that are overdue, due today, and due this week. Clicking on one of the options takes you to the full workflow view showing all workflows in their appropriate swimlanes.