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Release Notes (10/3/2018)

Josh Witmer, Product Manager

Meeting Log

When you click into the meeting log, you'll see a list of existing meetings organized by meeting series. For each meeting, you'll see the meeting subject, number, start date/time, scheduled duration, and location. As with other form logs, you can configure your meeting log to show different information as needed.

Meeting Form

The meeting form is made up of many different fields to help users get a general idea of the purpose of the meeting. In addition to the top level fields, users will see an invitees collection and a discussion area. The discussion area is where users can define topics and items.

"Related" column on meeting form

In view mode of the meeting form, you'll notice a "Related" column in the discussion collection. This is a place to add attachments, action items, and reference links related to each individual discussion item.

Downloading all attachments on form with special characters

A few releases ago, we added a "Download All" button to the attachments panel of all forms. This allows users to quickly download all attachments associated with a form as a zip folder named by the subject of that form. However, forms that had special characters (< > | : / \ " ? *) in their subject were causing issues. In this latest release, for forms that have special characters in their subject, you will see a modal window appear after clicking the "Download All" button asking you to name your new zip folder before continuing the download.

Skeleton load in the files area

Similar to the way form logs already work, we've added skeleton load to the files area. This should help users better understand when all information has been loaded in the system. In the past, without any indication of loading, users didn't know if a folder was empty or just taking a long time to load.