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Release Notes (3/1/2018)

Josh Witmer, Product Manager is different than other construction project management systems for many reasons. One of the biggest differentiators we have is the ability to customize your forms. This allows you to mold the system to fit your exact needs without having to conform to the way a system has already been set up. In this latest release, we've added functionality to help you maintain consistency across you customized projects.

Cloning System Form Types comes out-of-the-box with a set of system form types ready for you to use on your projects. System form types include Requests for Information, Submittals, Contracts, Change Orders and more.

You may find that in addition to the system fields provided, you want to add custom fields. In the configuration screen of each form type, you'll see an ellipsis button in the Form Properties panel. Clicking on the button shows a dropdown with the option to "Clone to another project". After cloning, you will get a toaster notification in the bottom right corner of the screen indicating that you've cloned successfully.

Note: Since system form types already exist in other projects by default, cloning will simply append all custom fields to the form type.

Project Search now has a search feature that allows you to quickly search the entire project using keywords or phrases.

Once you enter a project, you'll notice a search box on the top menu bar. The search feature can only be found within projects and is not currently available outside of the project area.

To search, simply click inside the search box, type your search term, and then click the "Search" button. After searching, you're taken to a page that shows all matches to your search term. The results are forgiving, returning relevant information even if the search term is not an exact match.