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Release Notes (8/8/2018)

Josh Witmer, Product Manager

In last night's release, we added a ton of updates relating to the change management area of the system (webinar August 22nd). This includes form types such as Directives, PCOs, RFPs, Cost Proposals, Change Orders, and Contracts. We also added a way to define your project dropdown and a way to filter search results by form type within a project. See below for more information on each new feature.

Change Management

In the full change management process, you can work with up to five different form types including:

  • Directives
  • Potential Change Order (PCOs)
  • Requests for Proposal (RFPs)
  • Cost Proposals
  • Change Orders (both Contract and Subcontract Change Orders)

On a PCO, you can list all items that make up the potential change. From there, you can select items that you'd like to include in an RFP. The RFP can be sent to appropriate contractors who can then submit Cost Proposals against that RFP. Once Cost Proposals are submitted, they can be pulled into the original PCO. The PCO can be used to generate a Change Order from the top-level information and Subcontract Change Orders from each line item. Once Change Orders are approved, they are reflected in the related Contact.

For more information on the change management process, you can check out our new help site. There you will find a full example of the process.

Project Dropdown

For users with many projects, we've added a way to define which projects show on your top menu dropdown. Navigate to the "All Projects" page to set your preferences. All new projects that you are added to will show in the dropdown by default. All of your projects will always show on the "All Projects" page no matter if they are included in the top menu dropdown or not.

Project Search Updates

In each project, there is a global search box that shows in the main navigation bar. By default, you can search through all forms, but we've added a way to filter your results by a selected form type. Choose the appropriate form type before searching to get filtered results. Also, in the results page, we condensed the results to help you find the needed information faster. You can toggle through "list" vs. "detail" view on the search results page.