Ultimate Control Over Your Data

ProjectTeam goes further than most other construction management solutions by allowing you to decide which forms, records and even fields other users have access to. You have ultimate control.

Selectively share individual form records with other users

Invite users into your project to collaborate on information

Define security permissions down to the field level

Eliminate double entry knowing data can never be taken from you

All access permissions carry over to various outputs including reports

Thousands of Happy & Successful Users

Overall 5 out of 5 star rating on Software Advice, Capterra, and GetApp

"Being able to customize for different projects has been very effective.”
Socrates, Alpha Corporation
"Seriously intuitive and user friendly. The buttons and clicks all make sense.”
Shannon, Senior Consultant
"ProjectTeam has been a wonderful addition to our firm.”
Ed, RZ James Construction
"Very organized and easy to use. I love the editable and customizable forms.”
Socrates, Alpha Corporation
"The ease of customizing on the fly is a huge feature, overall very happy.”
Kendra, NPM Engineering
"ProjectTeam performs above our greatest expectations.”
Leah, Faithful + Gould

Security Features

Submittal Import

Selectively Share Records

With ProjectTeam.com, you decide what you want to share vs. what you want to keep private.

Each form record has it's own unique share access. Share access stays true all the way down to the reporting area.

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RFI Status Tracking

Field Level Security

Collaborate with other users on the same form, but only share certain fields of the form.

Define field level security to help eliminate the need for duplicate entry. Each user can view and use the information they need without knowing about private fields.

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RFI Dashboard

Turn Data Into Action

With built-in report and dashboard tools, it's easy to turn flat data into actionable insights. Group documents by assignee, due date, priority and more.

Dashboards give you a quick overview of how your project is doing. Add charts, graphs, logos and colors to match your brand.

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Requests for Information
Change Management
File Management

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